Fulfillment- Achievement- Maturity- Enrichment Program (FAME)

FAME is an after-school program for children K-6 grade who attend Grant, Sheridan or Franklin elementary schools.

FAME provides:

  • Homework Assistance- to help improve academic performance
  • Health and Nutrition- USDA approved snacks are provided
  • Best Practices- additional curriculums that teach the essential social skills such as problem-solving, emotional management, impulse control, and empathy
  • Enrichment Activities- ability to participate in non-academic programs (i.e.) field trips, gardening, dance classes, cooking classes, and art classes.

FAME | Fulfillment Achievement Maturity Enrichment

Providing top quality care for your child after school.

  • Supervised by experienced and caring teachers.
  • Small group size.
  • Pick-up from Sheridan Elementary School included.
  • Afternoon Snack provided.
  • Fun small-group activities such as baking, crafts and games supervised by our team.
  • Relaxed down-time towards the end of the day.
  • A genuine loving environment where children can feel at home, and enjoy the afternoon with us.