Our Children’s Services Department works with Spokane area children and youth, and provides them with a safe, holistic environment where they can learn and grow within a framework that includes active parent involvement.

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

  • We provide a whole-child comprehensive, family focused pre-school program designed to help low-income or at-risk children and their families prepare for and succeed in school and life.
    • Education – curriculum based learning in an interactive preschool setting
    • Health and Nutrition – medical/dental care checkups and balanced meals/snacks
    • Family Support and Parent Involvement – identifying family strengths and connecting with outside resources
    • Click here to read, “ECEAP Making a Difference”

Fulfillment-Achievement-Maturity-Enrichment Program (FAME)

  • We provide a structured after-school program for children who attend Grant, Sheridan, Franklin, and Roosevelt elementary schools.
    • Academic Support – to help improve academic performance
    • Health and Nutrition – USDA approved snacks are provided
    • Best Practices – additional curriculums that teach essential social skills such as problem-solving, emotion management, impulse control, and empathy
    • Alternative Activities – ability to participate in non-academic programs such as scouting, dance classes, cooking classes, and art classes
    • State pay and private pay accepted; full-time and part-time slots available!


Summer Youth Academy (SYA)

  • We provide a structured 9-10 week summer program designed to serve youth between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.
  • The youth program provides an interactive learning environment designed to build self-esteem, promote diversity, and cultural awareness. SYA promotes literacy, offers recreational activities, and community service projects.

Teen Leadership Program (TLP)

  • Our Teen Leadership Program enlists its participants to serve as classroom aides, preparing teenagers for the workforce by providing them with an opportunity to develop social and work skills in a community-based setting. Including off-site career and continuing education exploration.
  • The program offers incentives to teens based on the number of hours they volunteer, as well as their performance in and commitment to the program.

For more information about the programs offered by our Child and Youth Services Department or to register for a program, please contact: (509) 455-8722.

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