How you can help

Donate today! Your donation can help empower our youth, provide after school programming for area children, or even emergency services to households facing eviction or shut-offs. We also have opportunities for those that would like to volunteer.

OUR Mission

What clients are saying about our services:

“We love that MLK is active in the community and supports the same equality, humanity, and values we want our son to have both in his home and at his preschool. He lights up when it’s to go to the MLK Center and any parent knows what a gift that is.” – ECEAP Parent

“Every teacher at the Center is involved, compassionate, and really cares about each child. They have guided my son at his own pace to bloom into the fullness of his education, manners, and social interaction.” – ECEAP Parent

“This program helps me immensely as I am a single mother of two children and the cost of childcare is very extreme compared to my income. This is a great program and I am so glad my child could be a part of it.” – ECEAP Parent